DogHaus International

The Spirits in Motion recently had the opportunity to improve the beverage menu of Dog Haus Biergarten, one of the nation’s fastest growing quick-service restaurant chains. While Dog Haus already offered some of the best hot dogs, burgers, and local beers you could ask for, Biergarten now features a knock-your-socks-off cocktail selection. Dog Haus Biergarten has over 30 locations, and our bartender training program prepared the QSR for its expected doubling by the end of 2019.

Working with quick-service restaurants and emerging brands presents unique challenges, but there’s no beverage industry challenge too great for The Spirits in Motion! Dog Haus Biergarten is a fast-growing QSR that recently worked with The Spirits to revamp their beverage menu and cultivate excellence in bartending. Biergarten is already known for their exceptional local beer selection, so we crafted a flavor-forward beer- and- wine-only cocktail menu that is sure to impress.

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Flavor trends played a big role in designing a cocktail menu that uses only beer, wine and champagne. The Spirits in Motion cofounder Phil Wills said the goal of this menu was to provide options for customers who may not like beer. Each cocktail has its own unique taste and mouthfeel, utilizing existing flavor palates in the base beverage so everyone can enjoy a delicious drink as part of their Biergarten experience.

Wills said the development of a high-quality beverage menu, “is done by using flavors that people are familiar with, but don’t always find in cocktails. Uncommon fruits, spices and herbs can all be balanced together to create layers of flavors within each drink.”

One of this project’s challenges was ensuring the availability of products on the new cocktail menu. Wills said this was difficult because Dog Haus is an emerging brand, but also a chain with restaurants across the nation. Although sourcing and distribution were hurdles to overcome, Biergarten’s new beverage options are available across the US, and just as artisanal, flavorful and fresh at every location.

Dog Haus Biergarten already has over 30 locations across 12 states and is expected to double by the end of this year. The QSR recently sold their franchising rights, and has openings scheduled throughout 2019.

“Our goal is to have a mandated program in place so the whole brand has consistency in each location,” Wills said. “With the program in place, they make their franchise more enticing to potential franchisees because of the potential of profit in the bar program.”

The Spirits in Motion accomplished this goal by providing excellent bartender training, including a service manual and our highly effective train the trainer program. Everything The Spirits do creates consistency, which allows thriving brands like Dog Haus Biergarten to reach new heights. Wills said each bartender training they design is unique to the customer, which meant an eye towards beer training in the case of Dog Haus.

“As the bartender in Dog Haus is cultivated, we focus on guest interaction and a never-say-no attitude,” Wills said. “They are educators of beer and spirits but create a fun atmosphere with their guests.”