The Spirits in Motion© are an L.A. beverage-consulting company established in 2011 by founders Phil Wills and Tony Pereyra. Together, Phil and Tony have combined over 30 years of bar and restaurant experience. Throughout their careers, Phil and Tony have gained expertise in every facet of the bar industry.

From networking with major corporate franchises and beverage conferences to operating premiere bars, restaurants, and independent QSR's - both international and national levels. The Spirits in Motion© have been closely involved in developing top-shelf bar logistics. By attending various seminars and conferences, and applying countless hours of real-time research, The Spirits in Motion© stay current with industry and consumer trends.

Always with the clients’ prospects and guidelines as the main objective, Phil and Tony look to further the evolution of your beverage and hospitality portfolios. They deliver innovations in mixology, structured bar-programs, strategic partnerships and positive training experiences. REMIX, REBUILD OR REFRESH, THEY KEEP THE SPIRITS IN MOTION©.

(left  : Phil Wills   right :  Tony Pereyra )

(left : Phil Wills  right: Tony Pereyra)